West Virginia Vs. Maryland

12:15 pm Thursday March 16th 2023

Collecting WS/40 (Win Shares per 40 minutes) is important for determining NCAA March Madness results because it provides a way to measure a player’s overall impact on their team’s success. This metric takes into account not only a player’s individual statistics, but also the team’s overall performance while the player is on the court.

When evaluating teams for March Madness, coaches and analysts often look at a variety of factors, such as team record, strength of schedule, and individual player statistics. However, WS/40 can provide a more comprehensive and accurate picture of a team’s performance, as it accounts for the contributions of each player on the team and how those contributions translate to winning games.

By using WS/40 to evaluate teams and players, coaches and analysts can make more informed decisions about which teams are likely to perform well in March Madness. Teams with a high collective WS/40 are generally more likely to win games and advance further in the tournament, while teams with lower WS/40 may struggle to compete at the highest level.

Wins Shares per 40 minutes is more accurate than just taking a normal statistic because it takes into account a player’s efficiency and overall impact on the game, rather than just their raw statistics. For example, a player who scores a lot of points but takes a lot of shots and turns the ball over frequently may have a lower WS/40 than a player who scores fewer points but is more efficient and contributes to the team in other ways such as rebounding, assisting, and playing good defense.

WS/40 also factors in team success, as it takes into account the team’s overall performance and adjusts for the strength of the opponents faced. This helps to provide a more accurate representation of a player’s value and impact on the team’s success.

In the NCAA March Madness tournament, where every game is crucial and the margin for error is small, having players who are efficient and impactful can make all the difference. By using WS/40 as a metric, teams can identify and prioritize players who will contribute the most to their success in the tournament.