How is our model built?

EPL Model

Our English Premier League sports betting Machine Learning model is unique because we collect and analyze data beyond just team statistics. We take into account the location and style of play of each game, as well as individual player performance, by using detailed match logs. By inputting the starting 11 for each team, our model is able to provide accurate predictions based on specific player matchups and game dynamics. This approach ensures that our predictions are not just based on random trends, but on a carefully trained model that takes into account a wide range of factors. 

Our sports betting ML model goes beyond basic team statistics and analyzes individual player performance based on a wide range of categories, such as goals, assists, progressive passes, tackles won, and more. We collect detailed statistics on each player’s performance and compare them to other players in their position to determine their percentile ranking. Our model then uses this data to identify patterns and relationships between players, such as which types of players perform well against others, and make accurate predictions based on these insights.

Our approach is unique because we take into account the nuances of each player’s performance and how they interact with other players on the field. By using machine learning, we can process vast amounts of data quickly and identify these patterns that would be difficult to spot through manual analysis alone.